D A W N  S W A Y N E





Dawn Swayne is a dynamic wife and stay-at-home mother of five kids ages 12-21. She has been mentoring, coaching and discipling women for over 15 years. A former NFL wife, Dawn is passionate about encouraging women in their walk with Christ and has developed the MamaStrong MethodÔ that helps women assess and grow in their relationship with God. The Method focuses on the 8 areas of life that must be healthy in order for a woman to thrive. She has helped numerous women conquer overwhelm and find their joy through her business MamaStrong, LLC by offering life and spiritual coaching, home organization and system development services. Additionally, 3 of Dawn’s children have learning disabilities, and she teaches a variety of workshops designed to help mothers who have children with ADHD understand and navigate the diagnosis through a biblical lens.


A survivor of severe childhood trauma, Dawn became a Christian as an adult and has been delivered from addiction, anger, depression, shame and anxiety. Her caringly candid approach is one that relies heavily on the word of God, transparency, humor and grace-filled grit. When not serving her large family, Dawn is coaching mothers, speaking on radio programs and at various events, and hosting a rich array of coaching experiences and private workshops.


She is also a gifted writer who blogs at, is currently working on a devotional entitled, “The Cleanse” and completing her book of poetry. A graduate of Duke University and Certified Life Coach, Dawn has been married for 23 years to Harry. The couple is based in Baltimore, MD and they counsel couples through their business HDS Marriage Counseling. They have 3 daughters and 2 sons.


Dawn is a sucker for W.B. Yeats, anything with frosting and, of course, coffee.


Popular Speaking Topics:

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Balancing It All

  • Marriage

  • Hope for a Mother’s Heart

  • Self-Care/Soul Care/ Sabbath

  • ADHD

  • Biblical Discipline in the Home

  • Nourishing the Family at the Family Table

  • Back to School

  • Back to Summer

  • Stopping the Summer Slide

  • Getting Your ADHDer Back to School