Marriage Counseling

All of our couples, whether Pre-Marrieds, Marrieds or Check-Ups, have access to each of these services.


2:2 Session


Pre-Martial, Marital or the Check-Up clients, you and your partner meet with both Harry and Dawn. This sets us apart from other practices!

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2:1 Session


Sometimes due to family obligations, Dawn is unable to attend a session, or a couple wants to meet with Harry only.


1:1 Session


Sometimes a husband wants to meet with just Harry or the wife with just Dawn. We are happy to offer these kinds of sessions at a discounted rate. Please note that Dawn only meets 1:1 with women and Harry only meets 1:1 with men.


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You may be getting ready for the wedding, but are you prepared for the marriage? Let HDS walk you through the skills you will need in order to have a thriving relationship & understand the meaning of marriage.


Marriage Check-Up

Life is a journey.  When your partner accompanies you in that voyage it adds a beautiful complexity.  Check up on your relationship excursion to avoid pitfalls. Our Marriage Check-Up is scientifically sound. Book a free Discovery to get access to take the assessment.

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Parenting Help

Harry & Dawn are raising their 5 kids, ages 22-14. Parenting is incredibly difficult in this time in history. We will help you to address the current challenges you are facing as parents and also as a parenting team.


At the end of the day, you want the peace, joy, trust & love God promises, especially in your relationship.


We can help you get there.